Hi, I’m Vicki and I’m a Soapaholic….

I first made soap in 2009, and it soon became a hobby, which quickly became an obsession. I love making it, reading about it, looking at pictures of it and watching videos about it.  Fortunately there is an awful lot out there on the web to feed my obsession 😀

I live in Snowdonia, north Wales with my husband, 9 yr old son, 6yr old daughter and a Border Collie called Jac 💕

I hope you enjoy reading about my soaping adventures – do stop and say hi if you pop in – you’ll be very welcome!

There’s a website coming soon, but in the meantime you can see yet more soap on my Facebook page or follow my Pinterest boards for lots more soapy loveliness.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Your soaps are so beautiful!!! I love soapmaking too… but I do it only once a year, at New Years day… the rest of the year we need to use it up… but you are right… it’s a kind of obsession.

  2. Hi, your soaps look wonderful. I have recently started making soap and have a project to do a few Christmas/farmers markets in France (I live here but I’m welsh). However it would seem that it is incredibly hard to sell homemade soaps/cosmetics here as the ‘rules’ are very strict! I’ve been quoted upto 750€ per soap recipe to get them legally registered!! Are the rules the same in the UK?

    • Hi Emma! I’m afraid the rules are identical throughout the EU BUT 750 € seems very high to me. I use Scott at http://www.cosmeticsafetyassessment.com – it’s nowhere near that price (although I guess it depends on exactly what you want assessed). There are a few companies offering the service, and as long as they’re in the EU somewhere you can use them. There’s a FB group called EU/UK Soapers United which is really helpful for this kind of thing – it’s worth joining if you’re on FB. Whereabouts in Wales are you from? Do yo speak Welsh? Thanks for popping by and the kind comments btw 😊

      • Hi. Thank you for Scott’s contact détails. I’m not on Facebook but I think I will sign up. Basically my soaps are very simple for the time being – I use water from the glacier (I live in the alps) and oils infused with forgaged or homegrown plants. I tried adding EO but not getting very good results….and they are quite expensive.
        I am from Milford Haven, Pembrokshire. No I don’t speak welsh but all my dad’s family do. My dad was brought up on a welsh only farm and had quite a difficult time when he started high school in English – so he decided against bringing me up bi-lingual (shame….i love hearing welsh spoken) Do you speak Welsh? My kids are bi-lingual English/French.
        All the best with your soap making business!

      • Hi Emma, just realised I didn’t reply to your last message – so sorry!! Loving the idea of using water from an Alpine glacier – wow!! Yes, I was brought up bilingually and speak Welsh every day; it’s a shame you didn’t have the opportunity to learn it, but I’m guessing that French is far more useful to you these days 😀 All the very best with your business too – I’ve just followed you on Instagram and looking forward to seeing your future creations!

  3. Hi Vicki
    I have an old blog that has nothing to do with soap making! I will start a new one if and when I ever surface from reading all the EU rules and régulations concerning soap!!!! Would you mind if I emailed you with a question about GMP? I’ve been sending out lots of emails trying to find out information – one company told me that they don’t give out information for free!!! It mainly concerns the room that I intend turning into my workshop. I have contacted the company you recommended to me and I think I will be using them. Thank you for sharing their détails.
    Lovely to hear that you speak welsh on a daily basis. My husband worked with a guy in Switzerland a few weeks ago and he was a fluent welsh speaker too!!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend, lovely weather here in the alps.
    Kindest regards

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