Social Saturday (Blogtober 7)

Welcome to the weekend folks!  I’m not only celebrating the fact that it’s SATURDAY but also that I’ve got to the end of the first week of Blogtober without too much difficulty.


As well as writing and posting, I’ve also been doing a little blogosphere housekeeping this week. I’ve been working my way through the list of blogs that I follow and have stopped following anyone who hasn’t posted since the beginning of 2016.  I was REALLY surprised, and a little saddened, at how many there are were.  Saddened because some of these blogs were people that, at one time, I absolutely loved following and reading, but I hadn’t even noticed how long it had been since they last posted.  Circumstances change, lives move on, and I do wonder what happened to those people I admired so much. I hope they’re all ok…

Anyway, I realised that the number of active soapy / skincare bloggers that I follow has seriously diminished, and wondered how to plug that gap.  As ‘Social Saturday’ (the concept of inviting people to share their profiles / accounts via your own) seems to have become a bit of a thing on various social media recently, I thought I would offer up this post as a place where anyone with a soap / skin care / bath & beauty type blog could share their blog and perhaps find new ones to follow themselves.

So! Don’t be shy – even if I already follow you, please share your blog in the comments below so that others can find you and hopefully follow you too.

And don’t forget there is also a dedicated Facebook group for soapmaking (and other types of skincare) bloggers here 

Thanks for reading, back tomorrow πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Social Saturday (Blogtober 7)

    • Thanks for sharing Lisa (I hope you already know how much I like your blog πŸ˜„). I’ve been quite organised so far, writing the day previous and publishing at 9am the following morning BUT I was sick yesterday, and only managed half a draft… and I’m still feeling rubbish this morning πŸ˜” Ah well, as long as I get it published by 12.00 tonight I’ll stay on track!

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