Goals: September 2017

September Goals

Does anyone else feel like September is a bit of a fresh start? Almost like a mini New Year if you will.  It’s always been the same for me, probably because it’s the start of the academic year, and therefore was often a time of change during my younger days.

Anyway, this September, things get serious for The Soap Mine.  My youngest starts full time school next week, and I’ve known for a couple of years that this September will be a pivotal month for the business.  Up until now I’ve had to work during the evenings and weekends, but going forward I’ll have 22 more hours a week to really grow and take this business forward.  (I’ll continue to work in the Village Pre-school for 8 hours a week – on Wednesdays and Thursdays, for the time being)  Having said that, it won’t actually  be 22 hour MORE, as I’ve no intention of continuing to work all evenings and weekends like I’ve had to do this last couple of years.  I’m taking some time back for me!

Ok, back on task. There really should be only one goal for September – get the website up and running.  I’ve made a start – today I spent a couple of hours inputting text and uploading photographs – but it’s going to be quite a long process if today’s anything to go by. Many of my photos need to be re-shot too so that may take some time.  Part of the website launch will involve migrating this blog onto the new site – I have no idea how that’s going work – am I likely to lose all my readers in one fell swoop or will you all somehow, magically, be redirected to the new site? We’ll see I guess :-/

But one goal’s just not going to cut it this month. I need to get the majority of my Christmas soaps made if they’re going to be cured and wrapped by the beginning of November. I also want to get back into the swing of regular blog posts too. I’ve committed to doing Blogtober again this year, but aiming for 8 – 10 during September should keep me on my toes.

So there we go. Website, Christmas soaps and blog posts.  Together with the ongoing restocks, they’re the priorities for this month. What are yours?





8 thoughts on “Goals: September 2017

  1. Ohhh I would love to hear about your adventures of getting your website up and running! It is something I’ve been trying to investigate for a while now but… I just have to get over my crazy weirdness of computers and just do it. Good luck!

    • I’ll keep you updated! I have to confess that my husband is the tech guy. He’s a web developer by trade so he’s set it up up using a paid for WordPress site rather than the free one I’m using now.

  2. Wow, you really are going for it, excellent! I’m in a similar situation with regards kids and school so I too will gain some hours back – hoorah! good luck, Lx

  3. Fine goals! I am taking a break from goals for a month or two. I have pushed myself too hard for several months and I am taking a break — who knows for how long. 🙂 It’s so exciting to see your little ones start school. Enjoy — it goes by so fast!

    • Hey! You do seem to have been extraordinarily busy recently, it’s good to slow down and take a break sometimes. Hope to see you creating soonish though 😀

  4. I’ve been wanting to do a website myself for ages, but just can’t get started…hoping to take a class on it somewhere, sometime…My full time job seems to get in the way of things, as I travel too much! But it’s in the future….
    Good luck on the website – so wonderful to have your Hubby to help.

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