The Week in Soap: 2nd July, ’17

I need to start keeping a diary of all the business related things I’ve got up to during the week.  It’s Monday today, and can I remember what I did last Monday? Erm, nope…

I do of course keep a track of each soap I make for the Product Information File (PIF) so I can tell you that last Tuesday I made two double batches of soap – Bewitched and Traeth Craig Du (Black Rock Sands)…

Bewitched & Traeth Craig Du

Bewitched & Traeth Craig Du

And I even got round to photographing one of them. It traced faster than normal (or perhaps I was less careful with the stick blender, who knows?!) so it’s more a camo pour than a drop swirl, but it’s still pretty:

Bewitched, freshly cut

Bewitched freshly cut

I had two wholesale orders go out, as well as a load of mini’s for a local guest house:

More guest soaps off to their new home

More guest soaps off to their new home

On Thursday evening I made a load of bath bombs:

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Saturday was a frenzy of making… My (have I mentioned how long suffering he is??!) husband took the kids out for the day, and I made soap, yet more bath bombs, another batch of facial soap AND made my first ever batch of lip balm.  The soap was a couple of double batches – Luscious Lavender and Super Scrubby Peppermint:

Luscious Lavender in the Mould

Luscious Lavender in the Mould

Super Scrubby Peppermint in the Mould

Super Scrubby Peppermint

The lip balm was incredibly quick and easy – beeswax, shea butter and avocado oil with a little honey cosmetic flavour.  To be honest I think I’ll leave out the flavour next time. I deliberately added very little, but it still had a bit of a synthetic tang to me.  I made six tubes worth – one for me, one for Dean, and four to go out to testers.  Make sure you follow my FB page if you want to be in with a chance of being a tester in the future – I have LOADS of ideas for things I want to make, as and when I have time, and they’ll all need human testers 🙂

Finished Lip Balm

Finished Lip Balm

I posted a question on Facebook and Instagram to try to find out whether people prefer tubes or tins and surprisingly it’s fairly equal between the two – if and when I do finally offer these for sale it looks like I’ll have to offer both options!

I’ve got a busy week coming up – all those bath bombs I made?  All but six have gone – gone! So, there’s more bath bomb making in my near future.  I’m also giving a soap making demonstration to a local branch of the Women’s Institute on Tuesday, giving my regular soaping presentation on Wednesday night, and Thursday will HAVE to be spent making more core range soap.  I also need to find the time somewhere to bevel, wrap and label a load of bars.  Roll on September when I’ll finally be able to work on the business during the days!

Thanks for reading, back soon!


5 thoughts on “The Week in Soap: 2nd July, ’17

  1. How did you get on pouring your lip balms into their containers? 🙂🙂 I like tins and am due to experiment with tubes.

    • It was easier than I’d been led to believe 😆 I stood them up in a small cup (which had some cold water in the bottom so the mix wouldn’t leak out of the mechanism) and poured with a fairly fine spout – no problem!

  2. Nice work. I find mango butter nice to work with btw, doesn’t risk graininess as much as shea in my experience. 🙃

  3. I use glass beakers to pour. I got rid of all my teeny tiny beakers and now just stick with 200-250mL as I find those very versatile for doing everything in the DIY kitchen. Just make sure you have an awesome spatula!

    I’ve been looking through my notes for that amazing lip chap recipe from last year to share on my blog. It was amazing! But cannot find that book.

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