50 Things That Make Me Happy

And now for something completely different. Sometimes it does a lot of good to take a moment and count one’s blessings. I’ve realised how lucky I am that this really didn’t take me very long to put together…

  1. Making lists. Win-win!
  2. A large mug of tea.  Strong, just a drop of milk, absolutely NO sugar (urgh).  Oh, and a quiet 10 minutes to drink it!
  3. Gardening.  I don’t have much of a garden at the moment – it’s a work in progress, but I even enjoy the heavy, clearing work.
  4. Spotify.  Music while I work – yey!
  5. A hot bath. With a good book – often the only time I ever get round to reading for pleasure.
  6. An empty ironing basket.  I REALLY don’t like ironing, so I don’t often have an empty basket 😀
  7. Trying new fragrance oils for soap
  8. Making soap. Obvs…
  9. A long shower.  It’s my child free, thinking time, so it inevitably goes on for a little longer than it should.
  10. Running.  I’ve got out of the habit recently – must get back to it, for so many good reasons!
  11. An early night. Getting enough sleep is rare – must try harder!
  12. Linguistics books.  I love language, and languages.  I studied linguistics at university and it’s still a passion.
  13. Warm sunshine.  Need I say more?
  14. Camping.  Just me, the other half and the kids, and NO wifi. Heaven.
  15. Pink / purple hair.  I like jazzing it up sometimes. I’m not ready for frumpiness!
  16. Homemade Pizza.  My husband makes the absolute best pizza in the world – his pizza dough is the stuff of legends.
  17. A good novel. 
  18. Kickboxing.  I only started at the beginning of the year, but I’m hooked. Trying for my orange belt in a couple of weeks time.
  19. A glass of good red wine.  Malbec is a current fave
  20. Living here.  ‘Here’ is Beddgelert, in the heart of Snowdonia.  It’s often wet, but it’s also very green, very picturesque, very Welsh, and I never EVER take it for granted. I’ve done city living, now I’m home.
  21. Cheese.  Love love cheese. Except for goat’s cheese, bleugh…
  22. Barbecues.  With friends, sunshine and a couple of beers.
  23. My filofax. I’d be lost without it.  PLEASE don’t let me ever lose it!!
  24. The Archers. I don’t watch any soaps on TV, but I do like my daily 15min fix of this. 
  25. A tidy, clear kitchen.  It’s rare, but yeah, I like it 🙂
  26. Baking.  Cakes, cookies, scones, shall I go on?
  27. Netflix. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do get a free evening, House of Cards and Dexter are current faves. The Sopranos, The Killing & Breaking Bad were just incredible.
  28. Learning languages.  Currently it’s Russian. I did a short course at Uni, then did evening classes in my 30s and got to GCSE Level, and now I’ve taken it back up again with the Duolingo app. Now I just need someone to practice on!!
  29. Long walks in the countryside.  But at the moment they’re never long enough for me as we’re trying hard not to go too far and put the children off walks for good!!
  30. Days on the beach. With the children.  Building sandcastles and playing in the waves.
  31. My children laughing.  I could have just said my children.  And they do, of course make me happy, but they also drive me utterly crazy at times.  But hearing them laugh?  That’s just the best
  32. Blog feedback.  A little click on that ‘like’ button, or even better, a quick comment, is always appreciated, and guaranteed to make me happy! Unless the comment is to tell me you hate my blog. That wouldn’t make me happy…
  33. Greek yoghurt with fresh berries.  Not that horrid low fat rubbish mind – it has to be full fat!!
  34. Fresh bedding. Show me someone who DOESN’T like fresh linen on the bed!
  35. Modern Technology.  My fitbit is never off my arm, and I don’t know what I’d do without my bluetooth speakers!
  36. My mum’s trifle. She brought some to hospital after the birth of my first child.  Best post-delivery snack EVER.  But it mustn’t have jelly in it. Never ever put jelly in it.  Maybe I should share the recipe?
  37. Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups.  Not a huge fan of peanut butter really, but add it to chocolate and I could eat it all day.
  38. Christmas at home.  Surrounded by family.
  39. My husband’s cooking. I already mentioned his pizza up there ^^  But it’s not just pizza.  He does most of the cooking in our house and he’s flippin’ good at it. I’m a lucky bunny.
  40. Climbing mountains. It’s been over 7 years since I last climbed a mountain. Not since I was pregnant with my eldest.  The youngest starts full time school in September and I’ve already told my husband that he needs to book a day’s holiday THAT VERY WEEK and we’re heading to the top of the nearest mountain.
  41. Swimming in the sea.
  42. Roller coasters and water slides. I’m a thrill seeker at heart.
  43. Adventures abroad. I’ve done a bit in my time – Asia, Australia, Europe, but the last time we were overseas was when I was pregnant with our eldest, and I’m getting itchy feet. Plans need to be made!
  44. The Big Bang Theory. Binge watched it on Netflix last year, and was bereft when we got to the end. Are they making more episodes?
  45. Nutella.  My guilty pleasure – I try not to indulge too much!
  46. Star Gazing. I used to be a member of the British Astronomical Association, and I’m fascinated with all things space-related.  Another of those hobbies that I hope to pick up again one day.
  47. Waking up really early, and actually getting up…
  48. Good grammar.  I’m a Grammar Nazi. I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA 😉
  49. Going to the cinema. These days it’s usually to see kids’ films, but I still enjoy the experience.
  50. Second hand book Shops.  Big ones, that I could get lost in.

So there you go.  A little insight into what makes me, me.  Have you ever made a similar list?

Thanks for reading, back soon!

9 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Great list! I reckon I’m with you on about half of ’em. I solved the ironing problem years ago – I have never (yep, never) had an iron!! I think my partner has one in a cupboard somewhere, but we don’t have an ironing board. Only visitors occasionally use that iron (with a towel on the laundry bench – LOL).
    And I LOVE jelly in trifle : ) but cannot remember the last time I made it – maybe you have got me craving again (BTW the Toad in the Hole was delish – have passed on your Yorkshire Pud recipe).
    If you’re back in Oz, we have some spare rooms – happy to have visitors, specially soapy ones : ) – but you have to like dogs too – they come close to top of my list! Oh – and put up with no ironing board, no mountain, and no Nutella (palm oil) – but I have seen a recipe somewhere online to make your own – palm oil free! Plenty of stunning beaches.
    See you in the Blogdom soon : )

    • I’m trying to wean myself off QUITE so much ironing. If it looks half presentable after a good shake that’s good enough for me 😆 My Mum still irons tea towels!! No no no to jelly in trifle. It should’t be allowed 😂😂 Sherry soaked sponge, raspberries, custard and almost too much whipped cream. Oh, and toasted almonds on top. Delish!! Yeah, my penchant for Nutella isn’t my finest hour – won’t use palm oil in my soap lol – but there are worse vices I reckon 😂😂

  2. Fresh linen. Hands down. I love my fresh linen, but seriously loath making the bed. Ohhh and that first sip of coffee in the morning. And soap making. And making things. Anything.

    Great post! I am just learning to remember to use the like button, I’m more of a comment person!

    • I’m not a fan of coffee, but yeah, that first cup of tea in the morning… And comments are just great – thank you 👍🏻 😊

  3. Can’t argue with most of those on the list. I really love lying in bed listening to the rain or a good wood pigeon. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, being in bed while a good storm rages outside is great, but the morning tweets of birds at 4.30am not so much 😂😂

      • Yes, I feel that pain….we have a really gobby blackbird in residence on our roof. 🤣

  4. Ooh yes I have a 50 list and a further 35 list somewhere – it’s so nice to remember what makes us happy and it’s never big flashy stuff, just lots of little things really 🙂 They’re always perfect lists to write and be thankful for the small happy things everyday #thelistlinky

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