The Week in Soap: 2nd April ’17

Excuse me… where did that week go? March flew by in the blink of an eye, and this last week seems to have done so too. Thursday evening saw the first of this season’s weekly soaping presentations at Craflwyn Hall. I’ll be there every Thursday evening from now until the start of November, describing the process of soapmaking and enthusing about my obsession. It’s always a pleasure to get out and spread the word about handmade soap.

That was really the only remarkable thing about this week in soap.  I managed two soaping sessions – firstly making a double batch of Welsh Rose and a double batch of Castile:

Welsh Rose & Castile

Welsh Rose & Castile

and secondly making double batches of Blodau (Flowers) and Delicious:

Blodau & Delicious

Blodau & Delicious

And a closer look at the Castile in its mould, just because…

Castile in the Mould

Castile in the Mould

Tutti Frutti has been out of stock for a couple of weeks thanks to a couple of large wholesale orders a last month, but this week it came off the curing rack and I made a start on wrapping and labelling. Not before taking this photograph though –

Tutti Frutti, fully cured

Tutti Frutti, fully cured

which proved to be the most popular of all the photos I posted to Instagram this week.

You may have noticed a few recipe / review posts sneaking onto the blog occasionally, and you’ll definitely see more in the future. It’s just my way of expanding the focus of the blog a little, to include more of my day-to-day life, but don’t worry, it will remain predominantly a soapy blog 😉

And that’s it for today.  I’ve got quite a few posts lined up (in my head) so I hope to be back very soon. Thanks for reading!

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