Happy New Year!

I took some time off. I hadn’t planned to, but the kitchen refurb necessitated a halt in soapmaking, and once the last Christmas fair was done I decided to step back completely and take a proper break. And it’s been fabulous.  But I’m ready, no, ITCHING to get going again. Today I masterbatched 10 lots of oils and butters, and soapmaking resumes on Monday – woo hoo!!

I fully intend to get back onto my twice weekly posting schedule, and I’ll be kicking off this week with a round up of the successes (and otherwise!) of last year’s goals, and setting down my goals for 2017 – from both a personal and a business perspective. I’ll also be setting monthly business goals to keep me more focused.

All that remains is to wish each and every one of you a VERY Happy New Year, and a peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2017. Thank you so much for following and reading my scribbles – I hope you’ll continue to do so next year.  I’ll leave you with a montage of photos from this year. These were my 16 most popular photos on Instagram during 2016:

16 Best of 2016

16 Best of 2016

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