Luscious Lavender Restocked – with a Twist

I found that photograph that I thought I’d deleted yesterday. Actually, I had deleted it, but discovered that my phone keeps a copy of recently deleted photos – who knew? (Many people, clearly, but not me 😉

So, just popping in and out quickly to finally share the third of last weeks batches:

Here it is in the mould:

Luscious Lavender in the Mould

Luscious Lavender in the Mould

And here it is freshly cut (and a little rough and ready). The twist (such as it is) is a slightly different shade of the darker purple – I’d run out of the regular mica so had to improvise:

Lavender freshly cut

Lavender freshly cut

That’s all for today folks!

5 thoughts on “Luscious Lavender Restocked – with a Twist

  1. That lavender indeed looks luscious!! I make HP soap, which is as a rule, ugly! The more I see your swirls, the more inclined I am to go back to a few CP batches and try to make ’em pretty 😊

    • Thanks Sarah! I haven’t tried HP – mostly because I only have the one crockpot which gets used quite often for food (even more so while we’re currently minus a kitchen!) but it’s on my list of things to try one day 😊

      • I am impatient, and love HP coz it’s so quick 😊 My Mum gave me the crockpot which I never used for food, so soap seemed the next logical thing 😂

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