We Have a Winner!

For those who haven’t seen the Facebook post, we have a winner of the soap naming competition.  The new lavender, lemon & lime bar will henceforth be known as (drum roll and long pause…………….)




as put forward on the blog by Dylan.  I really like this name as it alludes to the ‘from nature’ aspects of both the fragrances and colours, and it’s also a really good fit with other bars in the essential oils range – Serenity, Clarity etc…

Thank you Dylan – let me know how I can get your soap to you and it’ll be on its way very soon.

A massive thank you to everyone who gave it a go – every comment is always hugely appreciated :-D.

If you missed out but would like another opportunity to win something gorgeous then follow me on Instagram where there’ll another chance to win soon(ish) As I write I have 4,761 followers, and when I hit the big 5K *crosses fingers* I’ll be doing another international giveaway.

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