I rarely make novelty soaps, but I spotted a great dinosaur mould and thought the kids – my kids that is – might like some dinosaur shaped soap.  They were a HUGE hit so I’ve made a few more batches to sell as stocking fillers at the Christmas fairs. Made with exactly the same base recipe that I use for my regular bars, some are scented with a Christmas Tree FO and others with a Jelly Beans FO which is always popular with children.

Hopefully they’ll go down as well with my customers as they did with my children:



This was Day 16 of Blogtober – hanging on in there  😀

2 thoughts on “Dinosoap!

  1. Good on you Vicki!!
    Clearly I have bailed out of the daily blogtobering! On the upside, we had a lovely weekend full of friends and family, and I figure that wins. Another full day today, maybe tomorrow…
    Keep up the good work!! My little grandson would love those dinosaurs – he calls dinosaurs something like “Di’saur’roar”‘s. 😂
    Sarah 😊

    • Lol – thank you so much Sarah! I have to confess I’m starting to feel the pressure some days, though today I’ve managed to get a post out before the last couple of hours of the day, which is a bonus. Glad you had a lovely weekend, it’s what it’s all about 🙂

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