A Custom Order

A couple of months ago I began supplying my soap to a local retailer, Glosters in Porthmadog.  Glosters is a beautifully curated gift store, stocking handmade items made in-house, locally and further afield in the UK.


They took a selection of my regular range, but also wanted something exclusive, just for them.

One half of the Glosters team (Tom) is a potter (who sells his ceramics in the store) and the store also has a nautical feel to it. It made sense therefore when Myfanwy (the other half of the Glosters team and textiles whiz) said that she would like a ‘Potters’ soap and a ‘Sea’ themed soap.   I sent away for some sample fragrances, and in due course Myfanwy chose her two favourites.

This is the Potters Soap, fragranced with a fresh, clean scent of green florals and citrus, on a base of amber and musk. The dark blue reflects the colour of the Glosters’ logo, and for this one I kept an element of my signature drop swirl:


Potters' Soap

                          Potters’ Soap


And this is the Sea Soap, fragranced with a  refreshing salty sea fragrance (of course!), designed with the sea in mind and topped with real sea salt from Halen Môn:

Sea Salt Soap

                      Sea Salt Soap

Both these bars will be available exclusively from Glosters very soon.

2 thoughts on “A Custom Order

  1. Wow!! They are stunning! I have zero ability to make pretty soap. Mine is mostly ugly, but still nice to use 😊. Just don’t have the patience for swirling – plus I’ve been making hot process for consistency because our daytime temps can vary from max 16 degrees C or so to max of around 40, and I have found cold process soap too different across seasons.

  2. Thank you so much Sarah! I do love my swirls, but at the end of the day good soap is good soap, and I’ll bet the soap you make is absolutely wonderful to use! The climate here is typically temperate, and I don’t notice any difference in soaping results through the seasons. Right, off to post Blogtober Day 8 😀

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