Parisian Flora

The last few weeks have been full-on soapmaking to restock the shelves depleted by the pre-Christmas rush. I only have two loaf moulds, and can only soap in the evenings once the little Miners are asleep, so it’s a fairly long drawn out process involving nightly soapmaking (what a shame :-D!) but I’m getting there.

This is Parisian Flora. A drop swirl fragranced with a blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium essential oils, and coloured with titanium dioxide and micas.

Parisian Flora in the mould

                 Parisian Flora in the mould

Parisian Fora

                    Parisian Flora

8 thoughts on “Parisian Flora

    • Thanks Yvonne 😊 It’s an EO blend. I’ve heard that Ylang Ylang can cause acceleration but I haven’t found that to be the case (in this recipe anyway)

  1. Such beautiful drops and top swirls, Vicki! I totally understand what you’re saying about waiting til the little miners go to sleep… I’m getting really good at late night soaping, too!

    • Ah thank you Katy. Soaping with kids is sometimes a challenge but I’m hoping that when they’re old enough they’ll want to get involved (but that’s a looong way off yet 😄)

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