Soap Tops

I’m in full ‘Operation Christmas Fairs’ mode and have been for a good few weeks now. All my soapmaking has been restocks, and there is a LOT of time being spent packaging and labelling soap. Consequently there hasn’t been much opportunity for creativity so I’ve playing around with my soap tops and and trying out different styles and techniques. I mostly swirl the soap while it’s still fairly fluid, but I have tried letting the soap thicken up a bit and creating texture that way too.

I’ve tried mica in oil swirls:

Mica/Oil swirl

                       Mica/Oil swirl

Swirling the still very fluid soap with a chopstick/skewer (or similar):

Chopstick swirl

         ‘Chopstick’ swirl

Chopstick swirling at a slightly heavier trace:

Chopstick swirl

       Chopstick swirl

A more formal ‘mantra’ style chopstick swirl:

Mantra swirl

             Mantra swirl

Using a spoon to add texture to the top:

'Spoon' textured top

‘Spoon’ textured top

Adding grated soap to create some detail on the top:

Grated soap detail

Grated soap detail

A simple ‘splatter’ technique. This one looks really effective on the cut bars:

'Splatter' method

       ‘Splatter’ Method

Here’s one I made a few years back – Chocolate Cake – chocolate chocolate chunk embeds set amid piped ‘cream’ topping:

Piping  & Embeds

                      Piping & Embeds

There seems to be an infinite number of techniques and methods, and I’m looking forward to doing some more experimenting in the quieter post-holiday months ahead.





11 thoughts on “Soap Tops

    • Thanks Silvia! The packaging stays the same for all of them. Packaging is something I want to look at when I have more time to source something better, but for the time being I use gussetted cellophane bags tied with raffia. I must post some pictures soon 😀

  1. I love how you do the tops, experimenting with trace and mica-in-oil swirls. The possibilities are really infinite and it is always a pleasure to see a beatifully topped soap! I am very much looking forward to your next experiments 🙂

  2. Those are some gorgeous tops, Vicki! I love mica swirls – they’re so bold and dramatic. Sounds like your craft shows are going well. Best wishes on your upcoming shows!

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